an idea on a piece of paper in a drawer
never made anyone any money 

You want to break free from your 9-5, from continuous lack of time and feeling overwhelmed most of the time.  
You want to be able to follow your passion, make it big and enjoy the freedom to decide how to spend your time and money. 
You want to have an online business but have no idea where to start and it feels frustrating and overwhelming
You have a have a business but instead of running it, it runs you. 

Wouldn't you just want something to change? 

Right now you are stuck at a job that you don't really like, you live paycheck to paycheck and you feel there is something bigger you should be doing but you don't know where to start. You may be burning with an idea for a business or you have had your business for some time already and you look at other people achieving great things and you wish things were different for you. 

What if I told you that you probably don't even realize this but you already have all the tools to start your own business? What if I told you that you can run your current business with less work? What would you do? 

Here is how I can help





I believe that many of us have the ability to start and grow their own business, design the life and success they desire - the real challenge is finding the right tools. Because when you know the right tools and techniques you'll test and implement your ideas faster, save yourself a lot of frustration and avoid many costly mistakes most entrepreneurs do at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey.


What if I told you that you can start a  business right now and bring in some additional income doing what you love?


The Lean Online Business Launcher is a 6-module long program to help you start your business on the side and get your first clients within the first 30 days. 

Because of my background in startups I know how to make the most out of the tools and resources that you have available to you. I went over the Internet with a fine-tooth comb to find the tools to make sure, that regardless of the budget, you will be able to finish the program and start earning money. In the program you will find both paid and free alternatives to the technical tools that you need.


For starters I have "smuggled" the lean startup, design thinking and project management methodologies into small business and show you how to use them to test if your ideas have business potential, to maximize your gains while minimising the costs and time spent on building your business. You will get customers ready to buy your products before you start fully building them. In the end I had a 5 figure lauunch of my flagship program after a couple of months in business without it being created yet. 

Secondly, the program is all you need to build businesses online. It's all that I know and use in my business to grow a valuable mailing list and sell my courses and programs to people who are as excited as I am about what how I can help them. 

The entire program makes a STRATEGY. It's a process showing you WHAT to do, HOW to do it step by step so that every piece of your business works properly and makes you money. 

You will find TECH TUTORIALS so that you know how to use the tools (apps) in your business to build your presence, automate your business and scale it globally. 

You do MARKEING AND CUSTOMER ACQUISITION AND RETENTION along the way while you are completing the tasks and assigntments. Yes, there is hands-on work there! Nothing happens as a miracle. 

There is a dedicated FACEBOOK GROUP as a part of the program where you can get answers to your questions both from the community and me. 

By the time our work together is done you'll have your a solid strategy in place, you will have built your online presence with the tools available to you and you will have created and online product that you can sell to your audience. And all that while building your personal brand, also visually.