Hi there,

I am Iwona Gruszka and I am an online business, brand and technology strategist for passionate entrepreneurs like you who want to turn their ideas into an online business, build a strong cohesive brand and make more money while enjoying their freedom. 

Whether you are a wannapreneur with a great idea but not sure where to start or already an established digital entrepreneur with an online presence in need of a revamp, I can help. 

As a former startup founder with a few years of experience in the tech world I help entrepreneurs understand the intricacies of starting or moving their business online. I work with passionate people who want to: 

  • Get over their fear and uncertainties and start making their idea a reality.

  • Learn about ways to start a business without breaking the bank.

  • Overcome the fear and frustration in relation to using new technologies.

  • Improve their online visibility and image to appear professional to their clients.

  • Get new clients all the time without spending fortune on marketing.

  • Get results doing what makes them happy.

  • Monetize their knowledge, experience and passion the right way.

I believe that if your true calling is to start a business, it is possible for you. Ideas matter, but what matter the most is the exectuion. 

What I have today I have created for myself. From moving to a big city form a village in the middle of nowhere, through buying my first, super shiny laptop (HP Pavillon dv2000 if you must know :) and yes, it was super-expensive back then but I worked hard to get it), through graduating with two bachelor's and two master's degrees, through moving to Italy, then US and surfing in Hawaii and getting my 'dreamt of' helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, to founding and co-founding a few online businesses including the one I am confidently running today from the comfort of my home office, I have tiredlessly worked to design and live the life I have always desired to live. 


That is why I believe that everything is possible. Impossible takes just a little bit more time. And while this may sound cliché, companies like Google, Apple, AirBnB and Facebook also started somewhere, with little or no money at the beginning, and have grown to what they are now. It may not happen tomorrow and you may not build the second Google, but with good work ethic and determination you can build something that you will be proud of.


Starting and building a business is like a marathon and not a sprint (I know, I am a proud marathon finisher from Rome & Cracow) and similarly to training for a marathon, you need persistance, preparation and someone knowledgeable, so that you don't "harm" yourself in the process and get to where you want to be faster.

I don't believe in shortcuts. There are none in a marathon and that is why I show you how to start, build and grow a sustainable side business that you will hopefully turn into your full-time job if that's what you desire. If you already run a business, I will help you scale. 

When you work with me you get access to everything I know about finding your business ideas, on building online products, methodologies and techniques that will give you an advantage in online business.

I am a business strategist and a practitioner.  I apply Lean Startup, Design thinking and Project Management methodologies that I have been using in my business to minimize the costs and speed up implementation. As you work with me I will teach you what to do, how to do it and when to do it. I will challenge you to take steps that will  bring you close to your ultimate goal and I will provide you with the best tools I know and support that you will need to make your dream come true. 


DO You cringe when you hear THE WORD technology?

social media, apps and ONLINE TOOLS give you GOOSEBUMPS all over your body? 

I've got you covered! I am a huge technology junkie and I have created all my systems myself. Now, I can show you how you can do that too no matter how comfortable you feel about tech.
I believe technology gives us an edge to get further in our lives than we thought we could go. The place of birth or access to knowledge no longer determine our success. As Gary Vaynerchuk says, we live through a revolution that is bigger than the Industrial Revolution of XVIII/XIX c. Let's make use of it then. 

I have self-taught myself to navigate  the online world and I am more than happy to show you how you can do it too to help your clients better and take your business to the next level in the process.
The good news is, pretty much everything is figureoutable



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During my entrepreneurial journey I have had many chances to speak publicly about my experiences and about women empowerment. I am a huge women empowerment advocate as I believe they have all the rights to do what they want to do and gain financial independence in the process.


I have also invested time and money into trainings and couses by the best marketers out there and had a chance to meet the amazing online entrepreneus incliding Kimra Luna, Selena Soo and Sigrun Gudjonsdottir. 

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I have designed and lived the life I had wanted to lead. I did enjoy working my 9-5 but since I was a child I knew there was something more that I wanted to do. I wanted to be able to be creative and right now, when I work with other business owners and give them my ideas and I see them get results and happiness because they are able to design and design their own desired lives, I know I have found my true calling. 

Now it's your turn! 

Click here to start designing and creating your business and life you want to live!