1. Iwona Gruszka Consulting (referred also as "I", "mine", "my") is the Controller (for the purposes of the GDPR) of your Personal Data collected through . 
The address is  ul. Pszczyńska 26, 43-267 Rudziczka, NIP 638-174-58-97 REGON 367523699.

If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy or my practices you can contact me at: iwona[@]

2. I process your personal data to provide the Services (in accordance with art.6 p.1b GDPR), personalize content, remember information to help you efficiently access your account, analyze how the Services are used, diagnose service or technical problems, maintain security, monitor aggregate metrics such as total number of visitors, traffic and demographic patterns and to send you newsletters and offers that you agree to receive
I take great care to make sure your data is processed according to law (GDPR) and to make sure that your data is protected against being lost, accessed by unauthorized individuals, revealed or improperly used. 
3. I am allowed to reveal your data only to the authorities under certain circumstances governed by law. 

4. As Iwona Gruszka Consulting I am the only person that has access to your personal data. 

5. You provide your data voluntarily to sing up for an account and pay for the services. 

6. You have the right under this Privacy and Cookies Policy, and by law within the EU, to:

  • Request access to your Personal Data
  • Request correction of the Personal Data that we hold about you. 
  • Request erasure of your Personal Data. 
  • Object to processing of your Personal Data. 
  • Request the restriction of processing of your Personal Data. 
  • Request the transfer of your Personal Data. 
  • Withdraw consent. 

7 . You can exercise your rights by managing your subscriptions, deleting your accounts and/or contacting me at iwona[@] . I'll process your request as soon as possible. 

8. Your data will be processed in an automated way in order to provide you with the Services you bought or signed up for unless you withdraw consent before that. 

9. As the controller I gather the minimum necessary data in order to: 

  • sell courses
  • manage complaints
  • manage your course account at the "Online Business Launchpad" hosted at Teachable to provide you with the courses and materials you need to complete my programs
  • market my free & paid products and services if you give me your consent to do so
  • send newsletter and free & paid products offers upon your consent. 

10. I process the following data: Name, Last Name, e-mail address. Sometimes I'll ask you to provide your business name, physical address and applicable TAX ID to provide you with the right type of a receipt. Providing me with this information is voluntary, however necessary to make the transaction, sing up for my offers and/or receive my newsletter. 

11. If you are not my client and you have sent me an inquiry, your data will only be stored in my inbox and you will not be signed up to any of my lists.  

12. I use third-party service providers in order to be able to process payments, host course content and send you newsletters. Those third-party providers do not process your data in any other way than fulfilling the services. 

13. Creating your student's account at the Online Business Launchpad (course platform) is voluntarily, however necessary to take part in any of my courses and programs. Upon creating your account you confirm that you have read and understood the Teachable's Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

14. Your data will be processed automatically as specified in this Privacy Policy unless you unsubscribe or delete your account.

15.This Privacy Policy does not apply to the data that you provide to the services and newsletters that do not belong to Iwona Gruszka Consulting.


Similarly to any other online business, in my business I use third-party service providers, that may collect and process your data in order to provide you with the services. Those third-party service providers allow me to use their products (platforms, systems) so that I can run my business and provide you with the best service. They lend me the server space to host my content. Some of those servers can be outside of the E.U. 

Security. I did what was in my power to make sure I use the services that grant highest security assurance and work in accordance to GDPR, so that you are sure that not only do I protect your data myself, but also the services I use do so. 

Third-party service providers. Tools I use and services that lend me the server space, where your data may be stored are: 

  • - landing pages builder where you provide your email address and name and last name. They are GDPR compliant. You can find their Privacy Polity HERE.
  • - the course platform where I put my content. While signing up you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted their Privacy Policy. Teachable is an American product thus the servers may be outside the E.U. Teachable is the owner of the servers, can have access to your data but is not processing it beyond providing you access to your student's account in my School. 
    I, as the controller, have access to your data. When signing up for an account you also agree to receive content regarding the courses (free or paid) and to join my separate newsletter list. 
    • Your data will be processed as long as my School on Teacheble exists unless you withdraw consent earlier. 
    • You have the right to access your data, change it, request deletion or withdraw consent to process it at any time.
  • Mailchimp and/or Acitve Campaign- the marketing automation systems that I use to send you newsletter, marketing and sales offers. When you download my freebies, create a student's account at Teachable, you agree to your data being added to my emailing list to receive marketing materials, free content (newsletter and freebies including free courses and pdfs) and commercial offers (paid courses and 1 on 1 sessions/trainings). 
    • Mailchimp - the service provider joined the Privacy Shield program and is also committed to achieving compliance with the GDPR to  make sure our data is protected. You can learn more HERE.
    • Active Campaign - the service provider is the member of the  Privacy Shield program. Because Active Campaign is an american company your data may be stored on servers outside of the E. U. You can read more about how AC protects your data in their Privacy Policy HERE
  • Disqus- I use Disqus plugin on my website for the comments on the blog however I am not the controller of the data that you use to create a Disqus account. The tool is not an email list building tool. You do not have to create the account however it is necessary to be able to leave the comment under my article. I use Disqus to help me manage comments and be able to react faster to any hate speech that I don't allow on any of my media.

§ 2. COOKIES POLICY & About other tracking systems on my website

  1. As almost any page on the Internet, also mine uses the cookies technology in order to make your User Experience as pleasant as possible. I collect certain data (described below) to better curate content for your needs and to show you things that you are most interested in to save you time and frustration.
  2. Cookies are mainly text files that are stored on your devices (computers, tablets, phone) and can be read by my systems to adjust the display to your device and your preferences. 
  3. I use cookies to:
    • adjust the content of the website to your preferences and to optimize your experience when you are visiting my websites
    • create statistics that help me understand how users are using my website in order to better the content and look and feel of my website for my audience
    • keep your session up while you are using the Online Business Launchpad platform so that you don't have to log in on every single page within a website
    • remember your location
    • use the interactive features to promote my services on my social media

4. I use different types of cookies on my websites

  • persistent cookies – these files stay in one of your browser's subfolders until you delete them or your browser deletes them based on the duration period contained within the persistent cookie's file
  • session cookies – these are temporary cookie files, which are ereased when you close your browser
  • my own cookies – files placed on my website by the owner (me)
  • third party cookies – cookies files placed on the website from third party providers to provide the anonymous statistics e.g. Google Analyics. I also use Facebook Pixel to be able to curate tailored marketing content on Facebook. 

    During your first visit on the website a pop-up box will inform you about the cookies on the website. If you don't agree to the cookies polity, please leave my website immediately.

On my website I also give you the opportunity to use the social media functionalities like sharing content or liking my profiles. While you are using those features the cookies from those social media providers are activated. They include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin.

You will also find YouTube and Vimeo recordings on my website. When you play them you activate the Google LLC and Vimeo cookies.  

5. Cookies do not store nor process any of your personal data. The cookies technology is not used to identify users nor to acquire their data. 

6. Your website browsers are designed to allow cookies by default. If you don't want to allow cookies you can change your preferences in your browsers' settings. You will find information on how to do it in your browser's help section. If you decide to restrict the use of the cookies on your browsers, some functionalities of some websites (including my website and the course platform) may not be delivered to you properly and may worsen your user experience. 

7. Some data about user's behavior may be stored on the server layer. This data is used only to manage the services and to make sure the quality of the hosing is at its highest.

8. The cookies recognize the following: URL addresss, type of your browsers, IP, device type, operating system, your display settings, depth of colors on your display.

9. This data is not associate with any specific person browsing the sites.


1. Any cases not regulated in this Privacy Policy are regulated by Law,  in particular the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

2. I secure the right to change this Privacy Policy when required by law or if and when it will deem reasonable to improve the standards of providing you the services

3. All changes regarding Privacy Policy and Cookies will be published on this site. 

3. This Privacy Policy is effective on May 25th, 2018.