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I believe that we all deserve to run a business that we enjoy. I believe that we should play on our strenghts and don't have to do every single thing by ourselves. That is why I want to help you achieve your goals painlessly. Using my multidiciplnary experience and education I can help you with your business strategy, marketing and tech tools as well as rapid testing, minimizing the costs of running your business and accelerated growth. Here is how you can work with me.



Perfect for entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses online: 

This is for you if:

  • you don't have time to figure out what to do and how to do it to run a successful business online,
  • you want to strategize on your business or product idea that you want to launch to the world,
  • you feel overwhelmed with all the information available online and you'd like to have a roadmap for your business,
  • you need help with attracting your ideal client, branding and your core message,
  • you have troubles setting the right Facebook strategy,
  • you are overwhelmed by tech. 

Based on a short questionnaire, we will decide on the right topics to cover and issues to solve to move you forward as efficiently as possible. 



5h package

Perfect for entrepreneurs who want to speed up their business growth and need individual assistance on online business, strategizing and help with implementing the right technology behind it. 

This is for you if: 

  • you don't have time to figure out what to do and how to do it to run a successful business online,
  • you want the fast track to the growth of your business skipping the learning curve, 
  • you want to get rid of the information overwhelm 
  • you need help and content curation,
  • you need someone to give you a hand in tech implementation and digital marketing.

This package is designed for your individual needs to ensure fast implementation and your success.



Perfect for established entrepreneurs who want to move online fast and don't want to spend the 10.000 hours learning the strategies and technologies of the online business and want to have a personal assistant to lead them through the necessary and personalized processes they need to implement.

If you are an established entrepreneur who wants to be online, this package is tailored to your business needs. 

Working with me as your personal teacher and mentor, as well as assistant, you will have your brand defined and you will have identified your ideal client online. We will work on packaging your products and services and we will put the right strategy in place. 

Once that's done we will implement everything on the tech side where I can also serve as your concierge to save you time and money. 

During the three months you get unlimited email access to me, one-hour Skype session per week as requested.

The VIP program lasts 3 months and will skyrocket your business.