Online presence for your handcrafted products shop

Online presence for your handcrafted products shop


I am a handmade crafter of products, an artist who likes to stay up all night creating, it feeds my soul, consumes my heart, I just love creating and I absolutely would love to find a way to create an actual business that generates a flow of sales. Nothing big even just sells from time to time would be amazing!
The knowledge I pertain is how to create prod it's but I have no idea what to do with the product..I don't want to make videos, I don't want to blog, I just want to create and find a customer base and sell product.
With all that said, thank you in advance for taking time out of your life to help guide this lost soul in the business world.


Without an online presence, the owner will have a very difficult job to do. She doesn't have to make videos or blog but she should have at least a showcase webpage (may be a FB page) linked to her personal FB page so people can:
1) see her products
2) contact her
3) recommend her products to others
4) actually find her and get to know who she is. People don't buy products. They buy experiences and they like to buy it from other people. She has to be discoverable

I would also recommend making her personal FB profile a bit more advanced and business-like. What I mean is that right now from what I can see is that she has 3 kids (she's mentioned 4 but I am referring to her cover photo) and she likes ducks cartoons. It doesn't tell me anything about her business. 

If she wants to keep her personal profile the way it is, she should think about creating another one for herself as a business person. She should join groups on facebook and groups where she thinks her customer may be (she should spend some time defining the profile of her customer - who they are, what they may be looking for, where they are, when they buy, what they buy - put it on paper) and TALK to people. 


  • take photos of every item she makes
  • post the photos to her FB with some quote that comes to mind or a story behind
  • learn how to take great quality photos. There is tons of free resources on the internet - she can take great photos using your phone. Check this out ->> TOOL 
  • albums are a great form of presenting a product/set of products. Customers, if they don't know one's business, they immediately go to albums to see what one does. Albums can be arranged in categories of products  (can be broad or specific e.g. Costumes for girls. Costumes for boys. Halloween costumes. Necklaces) Creating albums for each category serves as a display. Later, news feed posts can still be assigned to different albums. That way people can see what they can "request" (with handmade products, there is no inventory full of products ready to be shipped)

WHAT IS MARKETING? (in a very small nutshell): 

Marketing, simply put, is conveying the message of what one does to people who may become one's customers (customers = making money = having a business). 

If one has sales skills, they have marketing skills. They may not know the technicalities or tools ( FB ads etc) but they can use Social Selling