"Nothing can stop the right attitude from achieving its goal"

You would be shocked to know how many people sit there in front of their computers burning with the desire to follow their passion or travel or start a business, yet there is something that holds them back. You may be one of those people observing others getting results and achieving success and you may even think it should be you. You think you can do it better but do you do it better? Do you do it at all? 


What I am about to tell you will not be anything new or revolutionary.


The difference between people who achieve whatever they set their mind to and those who think they should be getting those same results is, I'll surprise you not, EXECUTION. 

Either in professional setting or in personal life a great idea is still only an idea if you don't do anything with it. It will not miraculously become reality. To make it happen you need to START DOING. And as with pursuing just anything else, starting is the most difficult point of a process. A lot of people struggle with starting but once you start, the ideas begin to flow to your mind and you will be amazed where your creativity is capable of taking you. Your brains works like an engine. It needs an ignition. 

There is myriad of things that can hold you back. I have gone through them myself and with my clients. Below are a few tips to help you out with starting and ultimately achieving every goal you want to achieve: 

Don’t be afraid. Fear means stagnation and procrastination. But fear is just a barrier you created to protect yourself from the change that is going to happen. That's how we humans are wired. No worries, there is nothing wrong with you. It’s the unknown and getting off our comfort zone that we all fear. Some of us fear it more, some les but once you acknowledge that fact, you can easily demolish your barrier.

Listen to your inner voice and figure out what you really want. Take out a piece of paper and list all the things you are good at, things you are passionate about and things that you lose yourself doing. What is it that you could do all day every day? 

Overcome, what I call, a “perfectionist’s stagnation mode”. You can still use your perfectionism to your advantage (in the end people expect good quality products), just don’t let it stop you from going forward. Take my word, I am a perfectionist, but I have learned that nothing will ever be perfect. Accept that “brutal” truth. You will make improvements later in the process.

Overcome the impostor syndrome and start appreciating your hard work. Some studies show that this syndrome is highly common among successful women. Good news though. It’s not a psychological disorder so start seeing what others see: your accomplishments. Acknowledge it and move on. You are most probably being too tough on yourself.

Write things down. Scribble and doodle. Anywhere. Keep a journal, put your ideas down on sticky notes, create mind maps. Use colors. That will help you shape your end goal. My favorite technique: sticking the flipchart pad sheets all over the walls and writing on them whenever something interesting comes to my mind.

Interact with smart people. Share knowledge and discuss ideas with people who are willing to share their perspectives and give feedback. Open to those whose intelligence is attractive to you and get inspired. Be curious. Play Devil’s Advocate in a respectful and inquisitive way. Value other's opinions and consider different points of view.

Find people to follow. In your industry and your interest groups, read their stories, get inspired. I like following people who:
1. are self-made millionaires and dream big and who got where they are by themselves: Richard Branson; Gary Vaynerchuk
2. are female entrepreneurs Alexa Von Tobel  
3. seem to be good human beings Ellen DeGeneres.
They inspire me. We all need some inspiration. 

Read. Do your research. Start reading about the topics related to what you want to achieve. If you want to start a company, familiarize with topics such as entrepreneurship, startups and the industry you want to run your business in. Find articles that will help you use your creativity for the benefits of your company and will keep you motivated (Inc.; BusinessInsider; Entrepreneur; FastCompany). 

Learn. Every day. Everything that is interesting to you. Everything that may help you in the future. Learn from other people. Learn from your actions, failures and successes.

Ask. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There is no way you can possibly know everything (and know it right away). Try to gather as much practical and subject matter knowledge as fast as you can. There are answers you can only get through asking that you won't find in any books. Reach out to people who have been where you want to be. Ask them out for coffee or lunch. Some may say NO but I am pretty sure some will say YES.

Talk about your ideas and your needs. Start asking around. You will finally get connected to the right people.

Allow others to help you. Getting some help is not a weakness. It’s a strength. You won't get anywhere on your own. Working with a business mentor or consultant can save you tons of time and a lot of money. 

Stay motivated. Whenever you stumble or someone tries to discourage you, ask yourself why you started in the first place. And keep going.

Set goals and challenge yourself. Set up a plan. It's said that "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail". This is why I developed the Roadmap to Achieving Goals. 


It is said that when you put your goals on paper you will have a much greater chance of accomplishing them.
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