Hi, I am Iwona Gruszka  and I am happy you have stopped by.

 I hope you'll stay for longer because I want to INSPIRE you. 

It's my mission to be here for you when you need it!  
Don't hesitate to ask me any question you may have. 



I want to INSPIRE you to DREAM BIG. 



I want to INSPIRE you to TRAVEL and DISCOVER the World. 

I want to INSPIRE you to DISCOVER yourself. 

I want to INSPIRE you to join me for a RUN.

I want to INSPIRE you to always TRY: new things, new tastes, new solutions...and NEVER GIVE UP trying.

I want to INSPIRE you to grow.

I want to INSPIRE you to INSPIRE others! 



I am still learning. And what I have learned and tested, I share with you.


I was born in rural Poland (which pretty much means in the middle of nowhere). Work on the farm was a normal thing for us ever since I remember. Figuring out how to make it easier was a normal thing for me also ever since I remember. I have always loved learning new stuff. Thanks to education and dreaming big I managed to do some pretty cool stuff in my life. I lived in Italy (the Marches Region is my favorite place on Earth). I lived in the USA. I have traveled a lot (solo) and I loved it. It has helped me discover the World more and myself more. I am grateful for every single person I have met. I am extremely grateful for those who helped me get to where I am now.

I am an adventurer with insatiable thirst for knowledge, strong desire to think differently and no fear of failure.  I wish I'd live forever because there is so much to do, so much to see and so many books to read. 

I hold 2 Bachelor's Degrees and 2 Master's Degrees from Maria-Curie University & Cracow University of Economics in Poland & from Grand Valley State University in the USA. 

I am an entrepreneurial spirit. I LOVE creating things. I have failed, assembled, dis-assembled and reassembled a team. I have pivoted multiple times. I have succeeded. Since then I have worked on multiple start-up projects. Before joining the startup/online business world I had worked for multinational corporations both in Europe & in the US. I had worked for public administration as well. In 2012 my team and I won The Project2012- the West Michigan collegiate project management competition. I love the fact that I have had a chance to work for different fields as now I can see how some 'dots' connect and how seemingly unrelated things overlap. 

I am hyperactive, I run, I cycle, I do free slalom, I skate, I do pilates & through my love to trying new things I took up tennis and went surfing while in Hawaii. 


I'm an international public speaker even though as a child I was told I would never speak on the stage.

I am a MARATHONER: finished Rome Marathon in 4h28'50'' .

I love solving problems in innovative and creative way. I love economics and how it relates to every aspect of our lives, I appreciate good design and quality. I love observing human behaviour. 

Besides growing my entrepreneurial career my dreams include running the Great Wall Marathon (one of the most difficult marathons there are) and biking through Italy (from North to South... or the other way round :) ) . 

"Everything is possible. Impossible just takes  more time"

I hope you'll love it here! 



The power is in "I don't know" & "Why". IG


If there is no wind- ROW!! 

... and don't forget to SMILE! 


Past Projects:

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 03.25.40.png

During my entrepreneurial journey I have had many chances to speak publicly about my experiences but also about women empowerment. I have invested time and money into trainings and couses by the best marketers out thers. I have also had a chance to meet the amazing online entrepreneus incliding Kimra Luna, Selena Soo, Sigrun Gudjonsdottir and Ewa Ming.